TX DFPS | Texas OnSite CPR


In addition to needing First Aid and CPR certifications you may need one or more of the following classes:

Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services offers several online classes including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Here are directions to access the online classes through TAMU:

  • Transportation: Go to the TAMU training home page http://extensiononline.tamu.edu/courses/child_care.php and click on the Transportation Safety button.  Choose to take either Part 1 or Part 2.
  • SIDS/Shaken Baby/Brain Development: Go to the same link above and click on the button for this class.   Choose “Brain Development, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Abusive Head Trauma: Shaken Baby Syndrome” as this is the only single course on this page that satisfies all three requirements.  If they choose any other course they will have to complete each topic individually, so it’s best to take the one online class that covers all three.
  • Blood Borne Pathogens/Preventing Infectious Diseases: On the same home page, click on “Child Health and Safety” then scroll down to “Infection Control in Child Care Settings.”  We were given permission to use this course to satisfy the requirement.

Keep in mind to enroll, complete the class, and print the certificates each parent must sign in with a different email address, as this is the information that is pulled into the certificate.  TAMU’s system generates a unique number for each certificate that can be accessed again later, so if the certificate is ever misplaced or doesn’t print, it can be retrieved with just the number.

For Water Safety, DFPS has changed its information to Help and Hope’s “Watch Kids Around Water” information page at http://www.helpandhope.org/Water_Safety/.  At first glance it looks different than what was on the DFPS page, but the content is the same.  Remember, this page does not lead to a review and option to print a certificate, so you will want to generate one for each parent once you’ve reviewed it with them and/or they’ve completed the attached Training Information Worksheet.