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Important Facts to Know about CPR

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BLS CPR consists of 3 main components:

Adult Chain of Survival:

In Hospital:

Out of Hospital:

Adult 1 Rescuer CPR:

Adult 2 Rescuer CPR:  

Advanced Airway:

Once the advanced airway is in place do NOT stop compressions for breaths DO CONTINUOUS COMPRESSIONS AND PERFORM 10 BREATHS PER MINUTE (every 6 seconds), switch positions every 2 minutes.


 Pediatric  Chain of Survival:

Child 1 Rescuer CPR:

Child 2 Rescuer:

Infant (0-1 YEAR OF AGE) 

CPR - Infant 1 rescuer CPR 

Infant Rescue Breaths:

Infant 2 Rescuer CPR:


Adult Conscious Choking 

Adult Unconscious Choking: 

Choking - Child Conscious Choking:

Infant Conscious Choking:

Infant Unconscious Choking:


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“All of our staff are now trained in CPR. We now have the highest safety standards in our industry in Texas.”

~ G-tech Industrial


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“To have our training onsite made it so much easier to get all of our employees trained in CPR.”

~ Buffalo Ranch

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